Rosenbaum wine estate in Briedel/Mosel

Our wine estate is located in the picturesque wine town of Briedel. Situated in the Middle Mosel region, the town has an ancient winemaking tradition. The well-known vineyard site “Briedeler Herzchen” was first mentioned in 1554. We are devoted to cultivating our vineyards using a wealth of expertise – that’s how to produce Mosel wines of the finest quality. The following pages provide a more detailed description of our wine, the people who produce it and the beautiful Mosel Valley. Read more...

Rosenbaum wine estate

Rosenbaum wine estate

- rich winemaking tradition

Today the quality wine estate of the Rosenbaum family is managed by winegrower Günther Rosenbaum, his wife Vera Rosenbaum-Goeres und their son Thomas. Our aim is to work in harmony with nature to produce high-quality wines under environmentally-friendly conditions.

Briedel - a charming location


- a charming location

Our home town of Briedel is located in the heart of the Middle Mosel region, a beautiful landscape in which you can quickly unwind and leave your daily routine behind. Its numerous leisure facilities and very pleasant climate make it an ideal environment for rest and relaxation.

Terroir - slate soil


- slate soil

Soil and climate are very important for the quality of a wine. They are reflected in the unique character of each wine. Another key factor for producing a fine wine is how the winegrower cultivates the vineyard.