Die Pündericher Marienburg

Terroir is the French term to describe the combination and interplay of factors such as soil, slope orientation and inclination, the humus content of the soil as well as specific microclimatic conditions and natural influences.

These conditions form the individual and unique character of a wine.

Another important factor and a precondition for producing excellent wines is the cultivation of the vineyard. Vine pruning in spring and the subsequent cultivation of the vineyards in summer, as well as the – in some cases – selective sorting and the careful processing of the grapes in autumn lie in the hands of the winegrowers.

Briedeler Herzchen (Kelterhausberg)

Briedeler Herzchen - Weinflasche Briedeler Herzchen - Lage

Briedeler Herzchen is our town’s largest and most famous vineyard site. One specific part of this site is called Kelterhausberg, which already received top ratings (”Klasse-1-Lage” according to the old classification of vineyard locations) many years ago. Remains of a Roman winepress building bear witness to the site’s Roman origins.

At this very special site, we currently cultivate 0.7 ha.

A dark grey, deep and weathered slate soil is the main feature of this site. The soil and the steep slopes enable us to produce excellent wines with a unique character year after year. At Kelterhausberg, we cultivate the grapes for our full-bodied Grauburgunder and Spätburgunder wines and for the premium wines Riesling “S” and Riesling Platin.

Briedeler Schäferlay

Briedeler Schäferlay - Weinflasche Briedeler Schäferlay - Lage

This is an old Klasse-1-Lage oriented to the south-west. The site is characterised by a grey, silvery shimmering, weathered slate soil.

The Schäferlay wines are particularly fruity and are ready to drink at an early stage.

We use the grapes of this old Klasse-1-Lage to produce our Classic wines and our semi-sweet Spätlesen.

Zeller Kreuzlay

Zeller Kreuzlay - Weinflasche Zeller Kreuzlay - Lage

This is our best site according to grandpa Alfons.

In the old classification of vineyard locations it was also rated as a Klasse-1-Lage. The site is characterised by a high content of fine soil.

This is why the vine roots can take up minerals and soil nutrients from extremely deep layers of the soil. If the grapes are left on the vine longer than usual, the wine will have a particularly strong, fine and fruity aroma. The grapes grown in Zeller Kreuzlay are used for our Classic wines and Feinherbe Spätlesen.

Briedeler Weisserberg – Top site

Zeller Kreuzlay - Weinflasche Zeller Kreuzlay - Lage

The wines cultivated on the south-facing vineyards of Briedeler Weisserberg are well-known for their very strong and aromatic character, which stems from the stony, weathered slate soil with its orange and grey elements.

We cultivate more than 0.8 ha at this site. It includes a small area with 60-year-old vines, which produces very remarkable wines year after year.

At Briedeler Weisserberg, we harvest, for example, the grapes for our sweet wine specialities and for our Riesling Platin.