Quality wine estate Rosenbaum

Aussicht auf das Moseltal bei Briedel

Our wine estate is located in the picturesque wine town of Briedel. Situated in the Middle Mosel region, the town has an ancient winemaking tradition. The well-known vineyard site “Briedeler Herzchen” was first mentioned in 1554.

Today the quality wine estate Rosenbaum is managed by winegrower Günther Rosenbaum, his wife Vera Rosenbaum-Goeres und their son Thomas. Our aim is to work in harmony with nature to produce high-quality wines under environmentally-friendly conditions. Our work is based on the principle of integrated plant protection.

Most of our Riesling is cultivated on ungrafted vines. They yield smaller quantities of grapes than grafted vines, but produce wines with a more intense flavour and a rich character.

When cultivating the soil, we take care to ensure that it is enriched with natural humus – the cut-off vines are left in the vineyard and the grape pulp (Trester) is fed back into the biological system. Where necessary, we use additional organic humus to improve the soil structure.

Facts and figures

Total property: 7.2 ha

Grape varieties

  • 65 % Riesling
  • 15 % Dornfelder
  • 10 % Spätburgunder
  •   5 % Müller-Thurgau
  •   5 % Grauer Burgunder

Top sites

  • Briedeler Weißerberg
  • Briedeler Herzchen
  • Zeller Kreuzlay
  • Kinheimer Rosenberg
  • Briedeler Schäferlay


  • 30 % dry
  • 50 % semi-dry and off-dry
  • 20 % semi-sweet
Die Familie Rosenbaum Kellerarbeit Arbeit im Weinberg Aussicht auf die Marienburg und das Moseltal bei Briedel Arbeit im Weinberg Aussicht auf das Moseltal bei Briedel